What a Hectic Day, but Good!

I left home early in the morning today. I rode my bike straight to ASITA [Association of Indonesian Travel Agencies] office and grab something there. After only minutes, I head off to the airport to meet Lombok new airport project manager. I was there not longer than at ASITA office because I still have another appointment with Kepala Desa Senggigi. As soon as I am done at the airport, I hurried to Kepala Desa Office at Senggigi to obtain Izin Prinsip Form to fill out in. This time I waited quite a bit long because Pak Kepala Desa was still have a meeting with another guest.

After talking and complaining to Pak Kepala Desa about one of his people who continuously dig sand on the beach for sale, I grab the form and hit the road back. On the way back, I stopped at Camat Batu Layar Office to pay the sum of IDR 7.471.328 for 2011 tax of land where we are going to build exclusive luxurious private villa and residences. Sitting in the queue at the office, my phone rang and it was from my guests who were waiting for me at my office.

I arrived at the office and directly met my guest and offered them coffees and lunches. After they finished their meals, we had a “hot” talk on very crucial issue about Praya land. No essential decision was made, but they will come to see me again tomorrow, the promised. After they left my office, I started to check all inquiries and reservations at De Tour Lombok, which start peaking up lately as holiday season is coming soon. Our big confirmed clients this months are Ministry of Women Empowerment and Children Protection meeting group [150 people], Governer’s wife family pilgrim group, Medan Group, 2 Jakarta Group, 2 parties for Komodo & Kelimutu Adventure, Nadine Chandrawinata [Jakarta Most Popular Artist] and  many other families and  parties.

After done with all reconfirming, following up etc, it’s now time to go home for ifthar dinner with my family.


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